Case Study – Elemental Wellness Center

Higher Ground team provided strategy, consultation, and creative services for a campaign to reach new audiences

Elemental Wellness Center is a world class dispensary in Silicon Valley known for some of the finest cannabis in California and staffed by knowledgeable, compassionate and good-natured budtenders. They dispensary has been around for more than five years (at this writing) and was looking for help reaching new audiences.

The dispensary had built a reputation as an excellent resource for medicinal cannabis users throughout silicon valley. But with the passage of Prop 64 and, coming in 2018, the moment of full recreational use, the dispensary leadership wisely decided to open its arms to new populations and demographics like seniors (or “those eligible for the “wisdom” discount) and women. But how to reach them?

Working with the dispensary General Manager, the Higher Ground team provided strategy, consultation, and creative services (design, copy, production) for a campaign to reach new audiences. Several attractive brochures were created. A billboard campaign was launched speaking to the unique needs of female cannabis users. A marketing toolkit was created for the dispensary. And supporting website content including unique landing pages was designed and produced.

Billboards went up throughout San Jose. Outreach began at venues not commonly associated with cannabis, like libraries. And senior centers. And new collateral appeared to speak to these new audiences. The efforts led to significant spikes in website traffic and new interest in – and traffic to – the dispensary. Concurrent with these efforts, the dispensary was able to enter the delivery market. Drivers and in-store budtenders were trained on how to keep consistent with existing branding while compassionately working with new audiences. Today, with the Prop 64 era upon us, Elemental is known as one of Silicon Valley’s leading cannabis resources.