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Join us and learn!
Cannabis Marketing Association and the California Cannabis Industry Association will present a free online panel discussion on the state of cannabis marketing in California. Hear from California's top cannabis marketing experts-including our own Robert O'Shaughnessy-on how to grow your brand and enhance market knowledge. Sign up here.

Clients in the news
We're thrilled to have our client, Berkeley Patients Group, featured in a three-part series in Cannabis Business Times. In the first piece, Étienne Fontán shares their origin story, borne from a passion for cannabis and the patients it serves. So inspiring.

And another client in the news
On a podcast actually. James Bean of Seeds Here Now drops some inside scoop about seeds, the industry, and the general future of cannabis. Listen in!

Pass the, well, you know
Meet the founders of Dutchie, a startup whose software is used by cannabis dispensaries that pay the startup a monthly subscription fee to create and maintain their websites, as well as to accept orders and track what needs to be ready for pickup.

Cannatourism in Canada hits some snags
Canadian tourism bureaus use controlled substances such as alcohol to entice people to attend wine cycling tours or craft brewery events, but when it comes to cannabis tourism the same push is virtually non-existent. That needs to change say some.