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Listen in
Agency co-founder Robert O'Shaughnessy recently appeared on the popular podcast Money Matters where he discusses his experience starting out as a writer who quickly needed a crash course in SEO.

(Trust us, it's helpful to have someone that uses both sides of their brain around here!) Give it a listen!

A new kind of tea
Arizona Iced Tea is getting into the market for cannabis-infused gummies and drinks in the U.S. and Canada, "seeking new avenues for growth after losing ground in its core tea business." Well, of course they are!

Miami advice
Miami Dade College is offering classes and a certificate program that'll "prepare students for jobs in the medical marijuana industry." Courses will include biology and chemistry of cannabis, as well as the plant's historical usage and evolving regulation.

Green real estate
The real estate industry is one that's close to our hearts. With cannabis and CBD becoming multibillion-dollar industries, it was only a matter of time before they teamed up. This piece looks at an LA luxury real-estate agent who recently held a "cannabis open house" at a $3.5 million home. (Spoiler alert: He got an offer three days later.)

Headline of the week
CBD Is More Popular Online Than Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Kale
Kale? Really?