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Mass. rolls out 'social equity program'
Pure Oasis, the first cannabis store in Massachusetts to benefit from the Cannabis Control Commission's (CCC) social equity program, is expected to open this fall. Massachusetts became the first in the nation to include a "mandate prioritizing disenfranchised groups as a way to assist people disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs."

Facebook sued by OK dispensaries
Seven Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries have sued Facebook, claiming the social media giant placed them in "Facebook Jail" for posting about their operations. The lawsuit by the Oklahoma dispensaries is the latest of a flurry of complaints by cannabis companies against Facebook and other social media sites, such as Instagram. This will get interesting.

Speaking of social media...
In Canada, Snap Inc. and Twitter Inc. will begin running ads for cannabis products from licensed Canadian producers, testing restrictive laws in Canada on marketing cannabis. Bold move.

Here comes big alcohol
One by one, the largest beer companies in the world have announced their intention to "create drinkable marijuana products. So brace yourself for an onslaught of alcohol-free weed beers and weed seltzers and weed fruit punches."

Museum of Weed opens this weekend
We reported on this unusual museum a few weeks back and now it's time to open. Running through September 29, the museum features 30,000-square-feet of exhibits on cannabis history, science, and culture, plus a full cafe and merch shop. Bummer: They won't be actually selling cannabis. Admission? $35.