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Four-letter word to success?
If you want to be successful as a cannabis investor, the four-letter word you need to become familiar with is ... what? Any guesses? Here's a hint from the post: "In order to succeed as a cannabis investor, you're going to have to be patient and allow for the proper amount of time to pass for the industry."

States graded for medical cannabis
A new report is out rating states and how they see medical cannabis deployed against the opioid epidemic. Some examples: Illinois (A-), New York (B-), and California (B+). Oklahoma, Ohio, and Florida all made heartening progress, two Bs and a C (up from Fs in 2015).Texas? F.

California's cannabis industry: we're back
After a rocky transition to regulated adult-use sales in 2018, California's legal cannabis market is currently on track to grow 23% in 2019 to $3.1 billion. That's the gist of a new report released by Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics this week.

Cool nugget: the average consumer in California is 44; 39% of Gen Z and millennials and 41% of Gen X reported consumption in the past six months, compared to just 20% of Baby Boomers and older generations.

Headline of the week
Blue Apron meets Chia Pet for growing cannabis

A good headline should make readers click, we certainly did.