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New crew at NCIA's MAC committee
Our co-founder Robert O'Shaughnessy's tenure as Chair of the NCIA's Marketing & Advertising Committee (MAC) ended this week. Jeanine Moss (AnnaBis), who was vice-chair, becomes chair. Amy Larson (Simplifya) becomes vice-chair. Robert is now chair emeritus and will continue to advise the committee on its mission to educate the community on standards, strategies, best practices, and community advocacy. Kudos to Robert and good luck to Jeanine and Amy, who will lead the charge into 2020!

Cannabis investments are hot
For investors who want to take part in the action without trying to pick "an individual company, there are now multiple funds that focus on this rapidly growing sector." But are there too many options out there?

Oregon tax going ... somewhere else?
According to a new audit, there hasn't been any public reporting on about 94% of the total cannabis tax allocations, which is about $7.7 million across Oregon? What's the deal with that?

What's in a name?
Don't call it the M word. Pot? We're not super in love with the word. Weed? Sure. Grass? What are you a narc? Anyhow, this piece looks at the search for a new name. (Cannabis is fine but...). Anyhow, try not to chuckle reading some of the names used for cannabis agents heard when arresting drug dealers: Bambalachacha, Burritos Verdes, Green Goblin. And our favorite: Smoochy Moochy Poochy.