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California growing pains
The agency overseeing California's legal marijuana market has been overmatched by the job and is struggling to hire sufficient staff and set an overall strategy for the nation's largest cannabis economy, an audit found.

Curaleaf sprouts
Curaleaf Holdings Inc., is pushing into the Midwest to tap potentially lucrative markets by buying Chicago-based Grassroots Cannabis. The acquisition "gives Curaleaf, which has a market value of about US$3 billion, a presence in more states, including Illinois and Michigan, which have legalized recreational marijuana but don't yet have stores open."

Get an MBA in....cannabis
The University of Sciences in Philadelphia is launching a Master of Business Administration option for students looking for opportunities in the cannabis industry. Science rules.

Of course the vikings smoked Ancient cannabis pollen has been discovered near a Viking settlement in Canada, "leading archaeologists to question whether the seafaring warriors were making use of marijuana while they explored North America." We're going with a "yes."

Headline of the week
Christian Book Distributors (CBD) can't help you with your cannabis order, so stop calling

We laughed hardily at this one.