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Where we are mid-year
We're half way through 2019 and many analysts are weighing in on where the industry is headed, and who the winners and losers are so far. The piece also looks ahead: New Jersey, Nebraska, Florida, Idaho, and Mississippi have already taken steps to get a legalization question on the ballot for 2020.

LA opens cannabis cafe
The first cannabis café in the U.S. is opening its doors in LA next month. On tap for the opening will be "bongs, vapes, pipes, dabs and prerolls, accompanied by non-alcoholic cocktails, along with some on-the-market CBD- and THC-infused drinks." If you get hungry, snack on sustainable, organic farm-to-table bites.

99 problems but a bud ain't one
Jay-Z, rapper, producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, can now add chief brand strategist for Caliva to his long list of titles. Caliva and Jay-Z will work on "issues surrounding job training and workforce development in communities heavily hit by drug incarcerations."

Book on cannabis etiquette
We've read it and it's a fun, light read written by Emily Post's great-great-granddaughter (so she knows the deal). She covers bogarting, purchasing, and what to call it (we're maniacal about not using the "M" word ourselves). You'll probably know most of what's in the book. However, it'd make a great gift for newbies or your parents getting back into cannabis (it's not called "scoring" anymore, mom).