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How big is CBD going to be?
CBD is in the spotlight, believed by many to be miraculous, and while the FDA deliberates, entrepreneurs are rushing into the CBD space. So, how high can sales climb? That's the key question facing companies in the CBD game.

Boehner is going to be loaded
Tobacco has always been the smokable plant most closely associated with Former House Speaker John Boehner. But that's changing. Boehner, now one of the nation's most prominent marijuana pitchmen, is poised to make millions from the potential sale of Acreage Holdings. Good for him, we guess?

Fighting Zuck
Nonprofit trade group Hemp Industries Association, has partnered with cannabis industry stakeholders Hoban Law Group, CBD product company Bluebird Botanicals, and farm supplier Bish Enterprises to launch Hemp is Legal campaign addressing social media platform Facebook's current policy of prohibiting hemp promotion and advertising on both Facebook and Instagram. We wish them all the luck!

I would use cannabis to ...
new survey says that one in three (34%) U.S. adults aged 21 and up is interested in using legalized cannabis. Their reason? Pain treatment and other wellness-related reasons. Also of note: A majority of those surveyed said they'd use cannabis for an ailment they're already treating through over-the-counter or prescription medication. (We read this as: possibly skip the pharmacist in the future?)

We'd buy it
Artist Richard Prince has unveiled  "vivid, faux-primitive paintings and drawings" called High Times and a line of branded joints and cannabis vape pens in packaging adorned with his art called Katz + Dogg. We love when art and our industry intersect.