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Global cannabis market: $15 billion?
Fueled in part by CBD product sales and Canada's recent legalization of cannabis, the world's cannabis market could reach up to $15 billion this year. Industry insiders are forecasting that global cannabis sales could total $14.9 billion in 2019, up 36% from 2018, according to a new report released yesterday.

Did Martha inhale?Despite her gig at the world's largest cannabis company, and the tongue-in-cheek action on her VH1 show with Snoop, Stewart is reluctant to fully associate her brand with cannabis. Interesting turn of events.

How not to do cannabis PR
Great insight from cannabis journalists on how to pitch them your story. We were pretty shocked reading some of the blunders from companies and their PR agencies (offering compensation? Really?). If you're guilty of any these, let's chat. We can help do your PR...the right way.

Environmental hazards of cannabis
This is a touchy and tricky subject but it's important: how can commercial growers do the right thing when it comes to not polluting rivers, destroying native forests or harming wildlife? Sure, many are sensitive but in a (pretty much) self-regulated industry it has to be addressed.

Avoid the summer bummer
Today's the first day of summer. Made your plans yet? This piece looks at how to incorporate cannabis into your summer fun. They're all here: state fairs, road trips (heh), hiking and even cannabis conferences and events.