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Marketing online in 2019? Read this.
The internet--you might've heard of it. Kidding aside, Mary Meeker of Bond Capital does an annual report on Internet trends (like marketing). We read it every year and this year we jotted down some takeaways.

Cannabis: Around forever
There's Woodstock old and 1930s prohibition old as far as cannabis usage but this might be the winner in who used cannabis first: The earliest direct evidence for human consumption of cannabis as a drug has been discovered in a 2,500-year-old cemetery in Central Asia. OK, now that's old.

Santa Barbara: The hills are aliveSanta Barbara County's famed wine region, with its giant live oaks and destination tasting rooms, and the quiet beach town of Carpinteria have become the unlikely capital of California's legal cannabis market.

Biggest 'threats' to cannabis industryAccording to a roundtable of CEOs, some of the biggest threats to our industry include the black market, regulation and public policy, and consistency and execution. Sounds about right.

Take the social justice surveyOur very own Robert O'Shaughnessy has been the chair of the NCIA's Marketing & Advertising Committee (MAC), and his term comes to a close this July. The MAC has several subcommittees, including the Social Justice subcommittee, and they've been doing amazing work. The team is developing an approach to social justice for the cannabis industry, our industry, and we need your help! Make your voice heard. Please take this quick 4-question survey. 

Headline of the weekThe Disneyland of Cannabis Stores Is Set to Open... Near Disneyland
So many jokes, so little time.