Beer bites back
Oregon brewer Deschutes Brewery has released a campaign that features a Martha Stewart-like TV cannabis host that whips out a six-pack and claims that "it's the super dank refreshment when you're not toking the reefer." Funny ads. (We'll see how effective they are.)

Cannabis the new coffee?
Interesting (and pretty powerful) take: Cannabis won't become the next alcohol (you're safe beer!) but the next coffee. Here's a snippet: "The future of cannabis will be for artists. It will be for PTA presidents. It will be for the corner office. Cannabis will be for everyone when it becomes as gentle and comforting as a morning cup of coffee." 

The 'O' word
We're talking organic. As legalization drives down the prices, cannabis companies are "increasingly marketing premium products with the same kinds of language used by Whole Foods or winemakers, invoking sunny fields of plants tended by smiling famers." But will consumers buy it?

The 'Bacardi of cannabis'
Fact: Cannabis entrepreneurs hoping to succeed need to understand the power of brands. For Vertical Cos., a California-based cannabis company with some big ambitions including a plan to take its wellness unit public, it's a no-brainer: it's like every other packaged-good category.