As 4/20 comes at us again, Higher Ground Agency would like to take the time to reflect on a few things.

Firstly, 4/20 is also our anniversary as an agency. Four years ago, on 4/20/15 we opened our doors to a new industry and a new era. What's happened in those four years?


Here's a brief look of what we've seen and what we've learned:

  • The industry's growth is occurring at a break-neck speed, with states increasingly legalizing cannabis.

  • No two states, cities or even counties are the same. Each have their own laws and regs. It's complicated.

  • Many states aren't ready, as elections from the past four years showed us. But many are.

  • Cannabis companies need great branding. The days of using the "next door neighbor's cousin that's a designer" are over. No more DIY. (We can help with that...)

  • Some states (we're looking at you Oregon) have too much product and aren't sure what to do with it.

  • California is battling with the black market, which is doing very well.

  • Some states, like New York, haven't legalized cannabis. (A recent trip to Brooklyn streets revealed that it doesn't matter if it's legal.)

As an agency, we've seen and made some of our own moves. 

Our co-founder Robert O'Shaughnessy is Vice-Chair of NCIA's Marketing & Advertising Committee. He was scheduled to teach a course on cannabis marketing at a major California university, only to have it cancelled at the last minute by their head of legal. (The fear of talking about this billion dollar industry remains quite pervasive, even in California.)

Carol Ruiz, our other co-founder, was featured in Civilized on how she's helping to fight the stigma of cannabis use.

As we head into 4/20 and continue to build our client base, we'd like to celebrate our success with you!

Email us your name, your snail mail, and a quick note on what you think the big cannabis trend will be in 2019. In return, we'll run your answer in an upcoming post-and we'll send you a cool Higher Ground beanie. Sound good?

Happy 4/20 from all of us at Higher Ground Agency!