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How Vegas chefs unwind with cannabis
The restaurant business is grueling. Whether you're the dishwasher, wait staff or chef, the stress the job brings is immense. This piece looks at how famous Vegas chefs deal (and get creative) using cannabis.

Seth Rogen launches cannabis companyFile this one under, "what took him so long?", or "we thought he already had a cannabis company." Regardless, yes, Seth Rogen (with partner Evan Goldberg) is launching Houseplant, a recreational Canadian cannabis company in collaboration with Ontario-based grower Canopy Growth.

Does cannabis make you more creative?It all depends on so many factors. Take a puff, then create great art or watch Season 2 of The Office (for the millionth time)? This piece dips into different research, how the brain works, and ends by suggesting strains that offer an energetic boost and euphoria.

Something in your soup
A NY Times food critic visited a legendary restaurant and, in what is probably the most famous bad review of all time, compared the mushroom bouillon to dirty bong water. So when another food critic from the SF Chronicle recently visited chef Keller's legendary French Laundry, and was served the mushroom bouillon, there was only one response.