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The black market thrives
And here's another downside that isn't talked about too much: "There's simply no way to know what you're buying if it's not coming from a reputable seller, leading to numerous health and safety risks for consumers who are purchasing untested, unregulated cannabis." Yep.

Investing? Know this
Many folks are jumping on the cannabis investing bandwagon. Rightly so. This piece looks at solid tips you should consider. Like, maybe invest in Canada, do your research and invest in real companies (you'll find this out from doing your research).

Cannabis at SF events?
The good news is yes, (well, legally) and probably through permitting with regs that could lead to smoking - and selling- cannabis at San Francisco events. The bad news? It's probably not going to be on the books until after 4/20.

Grower profiles
We can't get enough of interviews with growers and cultivators. This series looks at what challenges growers face, techniques, and legal advice. This Q&Alooks at a sungrown cultivator.

Headline of the week
This Is The Best Way To Store Marijuana For The Apocalypse, According To Science
Attention preppers: Here's how.