Go yeast
Scientists have developed a strain of yeast that can be used to brew cannabis extract rather than beer. The scientists say "the process is considerably cheaper, safer and more environmentally friendly than extracting the compounds from marijuana plants." Go science.

Special delivery 
We love entrepreneurs. And in our industry there are many. This piece looks at how one entrepreneur used his knowledge of food delivery to build a cannabis delivery service. It seems so easy, right? (It wasn't). Inspiring piece. Read it.

Tech for the win (again)
This piece comes out swinging: "Technological advances are revolutionizing every sector of the marijuana industry, transforming a market that largely is seen as an agricultural industry." True, true. The list is long and it includes one of our favorite technologies: lighting.

Learning from craft breweries
This interview with a brewery vet looks at the similarities between the two industries and what we can learn from the craft beer folks. Like? Will buyers want cheap mass-produced product over local, craft product? Will smaller, beloved companies sell out to the highest bidder? Will companies care more about making big bucks than making a great product? 

More on that MedMen movie
In last week's Curator, we mentioned Spike Jonez' new film about cannabis he's creating for MedMen. Here's an interview with fellow collaborator Jesse Williams in MedMen's own branded (and completely rad) magazine, Ember. 

Martha, Martha, Martha
Martha Stewart is partnering with Canopy Growth to "develop a line of CBD products." Things are happening fast in 2019, right?