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Who will be the big winners?
When, not if, cannabis and products with THC become legal across the country by the Feds, what companies will be on top? According to this piece, it's up in the air but the Canadians are primed to rock and or roll. Big U.S. brands have certainly established themselves but it "leaves a big hole for Canadian operators." And, speaking of Canada, we've been hearing increased chatter on legit Canadian businesses being banned from the U.S. Wow. 

Flower vs. extract
You've got flower people and extraction people. Each like the way their choice of partaking performs, tastes, or acts. But there are factors looming on the market: extract is on the rise while flowers might be shrinking. Here are six reasons why.

California's market, one year later
We had the chance to attend Arcview's International Investor's Forum earlier this week in LA by supporting our client, CanIDeal, and getting to know them better. We also walked away with some super insightful knowledge from the sessions. In fact, we wrote a post on where California is in the industry one year after legalization. Read it here.

Come meet us in Boston!
We're at the Seed to Sale show in Boston next week. We'll be walking the showroom floor, meeting new people, and hopefully meeting YOU. Want to grab a beverage and talk marketing or just hang out? Get in touch!