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5 ways you might go extinct
No, not you, your cannabis company. Now that the industry is somewhat starting to shake out, it's not good enough to be a cannabis company with a business plan. Are you compliant with current regs? Have enough capital? Here are five ways you can go extinct.

Beauty and the green 
This piece looks at beauty products  with CBD making their way onto shelves in major retailers. It's more than a trend. The beauty industry could boost the overall CBD market to potentially be worth $50 billion to $100 billion.

Old mills, new life
Once, long ago, Massachusetts was filled with thriving textile and paper mills that were then abandoned by the middle of last century. Now, some are being retrofitted for condos, breweries and yep, now cannabis companies.

Combating the black market in California
California has announced an expansion of efforts by the California National Guard to work with federal officials to target the cannabis black market, including unlicensed cultivators in Northern California operated by international drug cartels.

File under, cool
Spike Jonze (videos by Weezer, the Beastie Boys, Fatboy Slim and too many films to mention) has been tapped by the upscale cannabis producer and retailerMedMen to direct a short film on cannabis history. We'll be first in line.