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Big step in cannabis banking?
A House committee hearing on Wednesday urged lawmakers to pass a proposal that would allow cannabis businesses "to access loans, lines of credit and other banking services, while sheltering financial institutions from prosecution for handling pot money." It's a big win for our industry. Why? The proposal made it in front of the hearing committee. That's a huge step and one we hope will eventually lead to increased open banking.

New deals with Canada
Despite the legal hassles to partner with our northern neighbors, two major Bay Area cannabis companies announced this week to join "forces with Canadian partners to build and expand their brands here at home." Oakland's Harborside and San Francisco's Apothecarium announced deals with Canadian investors. Open up the flood gates? Read more here.

Big pharma vs. reality?
Person 1: The legal cannabis industry is nothing but drug pushers! We need more research on how harmful cannabis is!

Person 2: We could change the laws or support new funding then to see?

Person 1: Nope. 

So much stigma, and identifying who the real pushers are. Read it all here.

Luxury cannabis
Like, really luxe. Barneys New York announced it will become the first major retailer to open a luxury cannabis lifestyle and wellness concept shop called "The High End." It's in Beverly Hills, natch. They plan to sell accessories and lifestyle products including vaporizer pens and pastilles and CBD products.

Netflix: Their reality vs. your realityWhat does Netflix have to do with cannabis? Plenty, if you get our drift. How many hours and nights have you spent scrolling Netflix in search of something to watch but settling on The Office (again)? This handy chart from Civilized spells out the Netflix experience brilliantly. Sure we still love Netflix but these really nail it. Our favorite:
Expectation: Easily browse between the genres you love.
Reality: Four movies listed across eight genres.