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You take a few days off and the whole industry goes crazy. OK, we're exaggerating but still, some interesting developments to end the old year and begin the new one. If you missed our year-end roundup, check it out here. Happy New Year!

Farm bill signed. What's next?
Over the holiday break, a new $867 billion farm bill was signed into law. It could be the "first real step the federal government has taken towards legalization almost 50 years."

Definition of not great again 
Speaking of the federal government, hemp farmers in Utah are ready to roll! Great news. Wait, what's that? They have to pass an FBI background check before commencing? And the folks who do that are being furloughed? Cough government shutdown cough.

Appetite for apps
Ordering cannabis from an app in California is not super earth-shattering but when the BBC starts writing about it? It's legit. In fact, one app has seen an 80% increase in sign-ups since January 2018 when recreational cannabis officially became legal in the state.

California: One year later
Speaking of California and legalization, where is it since last January? According to the New York Times, its "experiment in legalization is mired by debates over regulation and hamstrung by cities and towns that do not want cannabis businesses on their streets." Welp.