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Not your grandparent's bar
Here's a look at the Barbary Coast lounge in San Francisco. Sure, it looks like some speakeasy hipster hangout that makes pre-Prohibition drinks and yet? Customers are "smoking, vaping and eating cannabis. Barbary Coast is one of the few legal spots in the U.S. where people can consume cannabis outside of their homes." 

Our take? It's so close to perfect and would totally be perfect if they could make some nooks and crannies available away from a giant TV being in your sightline. Do we really need that many televisions while we get high?

No cannabis ads for the 'big game'
The big game? We aren't allowed to name it because we don't want the NFL sending us fan mail. Anyhow, you won't be seeing any cannabis ads. CBS rejected an ad from Acreage Holdings. We're sure glad there's going to be tons of cheesy Budweiser ads to make up for it though. So, so glad.

New data on California cannabis usageThere's so much amazing data from a new report by Eaze so we're going to break it down each week for a couple of weeks. This nugget stood out: 71 percent of cannabis consumers say they reduced or eliminated their over-the-counter pain treatment, while 60 percent reduced or stopped their alcohol consumption. That's stunning.

Come meet us in Boston!
We're hitting the new year running and will be attending the Seed to Sale show in Boston next month. We'll be walking the showroom floor, meeting new people, and hopefully meeting YOU. Want to grab a beverage and talk marketing or just hang out? Get in touch!

We're in LA, too
We're also attending The North American Cannabis Summit next week in Los Angeles. The summit will feature public health officials, government representatives, and regulatory, health, science, social justice, and equity professionals from across the United States, Canada, and Mexico discussing the most pressing and debated topics surrounding cannabis. Let's connect!