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Sustainable is more than a word
Being a sustainable business is a slippery slope. What does it really mean? Recycling? No or less chemicals? Energy-efficient building? Our industry is no different. It's hard enough to be sustainable but are state regs getting in the way to make it even more difficult?

Eat, drink and be Mary
Cannabis-infused food and drinks are the top two dining trends chefs expect to see in 2019. Mostly made with CBD, diners we presume will get the health benefits and more interesting tastes. (We have to admit our experience with cannabis-infused food and drink has been a bit, um, different if you catch our drift.)

Mass cafes
Massachusetts might be on the road to licensing cannabis cafes. Several recommendations were made this week on "regulations which must still be approved by the full Cannabis Control Commission before any cafes or home delivery businesses can open." Pack a lunch. That sounds like a long road ahead. 

Come meet us in Boston!
Speaking of Massachusetts, we'll be attending the Seed to Sale show in Boston next month. We'll be walking the showroom floor, meeting new people, and hopefully meeting YOU. Want to grab a beverage and talk marketing or just hang out? Get in touch!