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File under, "what took so long?" There's now a cannabis-themed version of Airbnb, where tourists can search for places to stay around the world that will let them smoke weed. calls itself "the largest collection of cannabis-friendly rentals anywhere on the web."

Cannabis radio in Portland
A new radio show is airing in Portland: This Is Cannabis.  It's super legit, too. Hosted by Lee Henderson of HiFi Farms and cannabis science educator Emma Chasen, each week they'll discuss with guests "their place in the industry and what challenges they face."

This Bud's for you?
Anheuser-Busch InBev might be getting in the cannabis game. Forbes is reporting that Anheuser-Busch is "interested in selling THC-infused products. In fact, it is investing in the essential infrastructure for such an endeavor."

SF neighborhood digs in its heels
There are states where cannabis is legal and where counties and cities have voted to ban sales or dispensaries. But what about neighborhoods? It appears that SF's Sunset district falls in the "nope" camp. And with an election coming up, candidates are continuing to drive the no cannabis NIMBY message to the polls.

Huge grow space near Palm Springs
Cathedral City actually and it's going to be the home to Sunniva, a Canada-based medical cannabis company that plans to grow, process and sell cannabis. When both buildings (yes, there are two) are finished, they'll cover 489,000 square feet, or more than eight football fields. And it's going to create local jobs (at least 100).