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Jumping on the cannabis bandwagon?
Congrats! We love new businesses and the spirit of it all. Here are some caveats and solid tips before you jump in though. 

And you said we were being paranoid
Not a newsflash: the country's largest tobacco companies (and pharma, too) are eyeing the cannabis industry. The question becomes how much control these corporate giants will have over the industry, what they will do to cannabis products, and how these changes will occur. (See: large beer brands swooping in and buying up successful regional and local breweries.)

Cannabis-infused drinks officially a thing
It's pretty much all Canada news all the time what with the upcoming national legalization. There's also a lot of buzz floating around about cannabis-infused beverages, from beers to sodas, and what's going to happen up north.

Are you a cannabis expert?
Most people aren't, but this piece looks at those that are experts who have spent years researching the latest trends and reports about cannabis. Here are six things they look out for when researching.