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Things go better with Coke
You probably already heard that Coca-Cola is eyeing the cannabis market. The behemoth company says it's "interested in drinks infused with CBD." Hot take: People will buy it if it happens. But? We predict to see smaller "craft" soda makers finding their own space, just like local breweries or coffee roasters.

Go forth and vote and get involved
There's an election on the horizon this November. So many races to watch. So, so many. There are also numerous races with cannabis on the ballot. Leafly breaks them all down here. And, you're registered to vote, right? Right? Go here to check (and to register).

Also, if you're in the Bay Area on Monday and you want to get more politically active, sign up for A Road Map for Revolutionaries: Tools for Everyday Activists.

CBD face masks? 
Yeah. The cannabis beauty business is booming. And the latest company to hop on board is Origins, who are launching a new celadon green face mask that contains cannabis sativa seed oil from hemp. The move isn't totally being embraced (for good reason) either.

A win for small growers (finally?)California's other famous crop (take a wild guess) could get a designated appellation of its own (like "Napa" grown). A process for designating cannabis appellations was actually written into state law back in 2016 and is supposed to be completed by 2021. The state is now holding forums, getting input as to what the official California cannabis appellation map might look like.