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White House cannabis smear campaign?
More than one media outlet is reporting that the White House has "secretly amassed" a committee of federal agencies meant to "combat public support for marijuana and cast state legalization measures in a negative light" while also "attempting to portray the drug as a national threat," based on interviews and documents acquired by BuzzFeed. Too little, too late, in our opinion. That train has left the station. 

The slippery slope of cannabis marketing
So many rules, so much ambiguity. This piece takes a look at how marketing and ad agencies have to jump through hoops (sometimes undefined hoops) to get approval on an ad campaign (or even an ad). The piece also lists reasons why a specific ad was denied. 

Here's our favorite:

"There is a rocket ship in the packaging design and the word 'rocket' relates to something being high, and that is too fun and could appeal to children."


Cannabis cafes in Portland?
Not yet, but there's a local group encouraging local lawmakers to get some sort of law rolling. If that doesn't work, the same group might begin gathering signatures for a 2020 ballot measure. Like the article says, it's easy to buy cannabis products in Oregon, but nowhere in public to smoke it.

Co-working space just for cannabis
It looks like any other co-working space that have popped up around L.A. in recent years but if you look closer, it's more. The new space, called ParagonSpace, will become the city's first shared workspace for the cannabis industry.