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The 'Shark Tank' of cannabis?
It's called the "The Marijuana Show," described as "Nine savvy and engaging entrepreneurs pioneering a multi-billion dollar marijuana industry compete for mentorship and investment." Got a cool ideal? This might be the place.

This is your brain on...
Who doesn't remember the 80s commercials with your "brain on drugs"? The egg being fried in a pan? Now there's a gentler PSA for cannabis. The new one shows an egg not frying but being prepared ... into a healthy delicious omelet.

When Starbucks met cannabis
And it makes perfect sense. What the former Starbucks manager learned at Starbucks is easily translated into a cannabis dispensary. Lots of cool products and accessories, a comfortable space, identifiable branding, friendly staff.

Oregon: Too much cannabis?
It knows all about cannabis. It was legalized for medical in the 90s. Three years ago, recreational came on board. The problem? It might not know how much cannabis it has, because it lacks regulatory oversight of the industry, particularly growers. What's the end game here? It's anyone's guess at this point.