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Harborside goes public
In case you missed this huge news: Harborside announced earlier in the week it's going public, having been acquired by Canadian company Lineage Grow Co. The reverse takeover will allow them to trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE). The Toronto-based company is acquiring all outstanding securities of Oakland-based FLRish (which manages Harborside's retail and dispensary operations). One wonders if the inevitable financial arguments that are being whispered into the ears of your elected officials by Wall Street lobbyists will be more effective than the ethical arguments that compassionate activists have been making for decades.

Cooking with cannabis
Spices are integral to cooking. The usual suspects include basil, oregano, and thyme. And now cannabis is quickly entering the cooking world, or as one chef calls it, "experiential seasoning" and a "melding of the senses."

Compliance isn't an option you can skip
We're huge fans of compliance. It's necessary and it keeps everyone on the same page. When you purchase your edible or flower or whatever from a dispensary it made it there from a long journey. Compliance makes sure your product is legit, both in its potency and its legality. And thanks to new tech, it's getting easier to track from seed to sale.

Well, hello, North Dakota
Supporters of legalizing recreational marijuana in North Dakota have succeeded in bringing the matter to a public vote later this year. Proponents submitted more than the required 13,452 valid petition signatures to get a measure on the November general election ballot. You betcha!