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A little extra in your beverage
A new startup is planning to make a cannabis-enhanced beverage aimed at Canada's multi-billion-dollar beer market. And they're not the only ones!

The black market rolls on in Cali
Despite legalization in January in California, the illicit market (the one that was around wayyyy before legalization) might still be leading the market. And nowhere is this a bigger problem than in LA County.

Did you mellow your dog out on the Fourth?
The Fourth of July. BBQs. Beers. Sunshine. Good times. And illegal (and legal) fireworks scaring the bejesus out of poor Fido. Every year, dogs flip out, hide, or worse, run away from home. Enter cannabidiol chews, oils and dog treats. Some say these help poor dogs during the explosions in the sky. So, did you try it this year? Did it work?

Massachusetts muscles its way to the top
According to New Frontier Data, cannabis sales in the Bay State are projected to rise from $52M in 2016 - when the only sales were medical marijuana - to $1.07B in 2020, with the vast majority being recreational sales. Many think that the state might become an anchor market on the East Coast.