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California labs are being flooded
Labs are the key quality controllers in the state's legal cannabis supply chain, right? California has 38 million people with just 31 cannabis lab licensees. This means one thing: they're overwhelmed.

Cannabis accelerator opens in Portland
Oregon has launched an accelerator program and co-working and events space dedicated to boosting women entrepreneurs and their cannabusinesses. It's more than that: its goal is to help women-owned cannabusinesses obtain venture-capital funding and grow.

New law, new jobs in Massachusetts
As Massachusetts jumps on board the cannabis train, new jobs will be created. The industry will rely on a diverse range of professionals and employees (as you know it's way more than just growing). For instance? Creating cannabis-infused baked goods and sweet concoctions means there will be openings for people with culinary expertise. Here's what other talents will be needed.

Millennials, cannabis and Canada
A recent survey by Intercept Group of millennials in North America found that over 50% of Canadian respondents demonstrated some interest in the emerging cannabis market--most notably edibles, skin care, and the workplace. Take note, marketers and advertisers!