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Manage relationships and regs
Sure, the market is flooded with point of sale, inventory, processing, warehousing and order entry systems tailored specifically for cannabis companies. But, what sets CRM systems apart? Regulations. For instance? CRM apps like WebJoint have customized data tracking and reporting features that comply with the widely varying state and local rules.

Happy 7/10
Summertime. So many holidays, so many chances to celebrate ... everything and anything. Here's one from earlier in the week: 7/10, or Dab Day. What's the story behind it? Wonder no more. 

Portland gets a CBD café
It's not a smoking lounge, and there's no flower or oil for sale. It's something entirely new--a chocolate and coffee counter, where the baristas possess the knowledge of learned budtenders.

California cannabis arrests down since legalization
According to the California Attorney General cannabis arrests decreased by 56 percent in 2017, the first year where recreational cannabis was legal in the state, compared to 2016. And felony cannabis arrests decreased by 74 percent.