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California cannabis candidates clean up
There was a primary election this week and in California, pro cannabis candidates did very well. This bodes well for the state and maybe the country. As California goes, so does the rest of the country, right?

Don't forget the east
But wait! This piece says the cannabis businesses that have the best long term positioning and highest company valuations are emerging  in ... the east coast. 

Banking blues
Are you a cannabis business owner dealing with a bank account? So, what should a cannabis business do to get a legitimate account with a real financial institution? Plain and simple, make it as easy as possible for the bank or credit union to abide by the FinCEN guidelines. This awesome blog explains more.

Four buzzwords you need to know
There are four hot buzzwords making the rounds in our industry. The top 2? "branding" and "sustainability." Brands will need to learn to speak to new consumers in a different way. "Mainstream society--the prime target for cannabis--the 30-something professional, don't want to feel edgy." Great piece. Give it a read. 

Nice package
Speaking of brands, packaging is integral to brand building. And for cannabis businesses, it's "growing in importance in increasingly competitive--sometimes even oversaturated--markets." Like beer and wine, your brand needs to tell a story and connect with your customers. If you thought packaging was kind of boring, read this.