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Massachusetts: Legal starting Sunday
This Sunday, recreational marijuana sales are legal in Massachusetts. Have attitudes on marijuana changed since the 2016 ballot question, when a little more than 53 percent of the state voted to legalize recreational marijuana?

THC-infused 'sparkling beverage'
Another post about beer and cannabis? Well, this one's a wee bit different. Lagunitas (of course!) has released Hi-Fi Hops. OK, so it's not technically a beer (they call it an "IPA-inspired sparkling beverage"), but it will come in cans in both 5mg and 10mg of THC. It will be on California dispensary shelves in July.

Oklahoma legal cannabis? OK.
Oklahoma voters have voted to legalize medical marijuana. Question 788-the ballot initiative to legalize medicinal cannabis use statewide-was approved by a comfortable margin, with a buffer of over 100,000 votes.

Wine vs. weed: Oregon edition
There have been many battles between wine growers and cannabis growers in NorCal. And now, they're heading to Oregon wine country. There really is no "bad guy." How this pans out is anyone's guess.

New Netflix show? Meh.
Have you watched the new Netflix cooking show centered around cannabis? Forbes did, and they were not impressed. (That's two strikes for Netflix, right?)