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Gifts for dads
It's Father's Day on Sunday. Do you have a gift for dear-old dad? Maybe it's a tie? Or maybe a wallet? Or maybe it's a ... stash bag? This piece has you covered for cannabis gifts for your cannadad. 

Colorado says no to cannabis cafes
The game-changing bill would have made Colorado the first state in the nation to have a law that made cafes OK. However, this week Colorado's governor vetoed it.

Cannabis usage keeps keepin' on
Cannabis consumption is on the rise in America and Canada, according to the 2018 Civilized Culture Poll. There was an 11% increase in people who use cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes compared to the figures from the 2017 poll. That's a jump up from 30% last year to 41%.

Dispensary name generator
Are you opening up a dispensary soon? Looking for a cool name? You're in luck! Civilized has put together a dispensary name generator just for you! Our name (if we were opening a dispensary) is: Ye Olde Bud Cooperative. But, seriously, if you need help with a name and branding, call us!