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Maryland gets moving
Hey hon - did yous hear the news from Maryland? With 102 dispensaries open, more and more terps are in the bathtub now. 

Overcoming marketing hurdles
Are there challenges of advertising cannabis companies through digital media channels? That would be a huge yes. Is there an answer? A solution? While many innovators are working on the digital riddle, social media influencers continue to be a huge help.

A new kind of tea party
In L.A., there's a tea brand that's helping put on "high tea" parties, private events "where women can sample cannabis tea in a setting that's non-intimidating for the uninitiated."

And don't forget the cupcakes
Cannabis cupcake company Jade & Jane just released single serving, recreational 10mg THC-infused cupcakes. Jade & Jane's products are available to retail customers through licensed Colorado recreational dispensaries.  

Tasting rooms in Oregon?
Maybe? Some cannabis retailers hope "that someday soon, tasting rooms can be added to retail establishments, just as they may be added to wineries and breweries." And maybe someday, cannabis flight samplers? We can only hope.

Headline of the week
How to Finance Your Cannabis Business Without Relying on Friends and Family

What about neighbors?