Robert O'Shaughnessy, co-founder/partner at Higher Ground

Robert O'Shaughnessy, co-founder/partner at Higher Ground

The headline says it all: Even Where Weed Is Legal, Government Regulation Makes Advertising It a Nightmare

It's true. Here's the opening salvo: 

Cannabis-based companies must navigate complex state-by-state regulations in order reach their customers. Despite their growing popularity and market value, cannabis products remains difficult to advertise.

Our own Robert O'Shaughnessy was featured in the piece providing insight on how cannabis companies—even those in states where it's legal—how to navigate some pretty choppy waters when they want to advertise, including their own followers on social media. 

There are ways to be successful in doing advertising under the rules, for sure (hint: you need to be more creative). Here's another thought from the piece: 

Without the largest internet platforms to boost their digital strategy, cannabis companies must get creative when targeting their customers. 

Read the whole piece here. And if you're confused about the regs and rules and want to get your newly launched brand out into the world without it being blown out of the sky? Let's chat!