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Regenerative ag the next big thing?
As commercial cannabis farms grow (in more ways than one), being sustainable will become more of a challenge. How does one define sustainable? Sure, it's the same as growing any kind of crop: amending soil, plant diversity, and a thriving ecosystem. Enter regenerative agriculture.

Unhoppy brewer
SF brewers Black Hammer were among the first to sell CBD-infused beer. And now, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has sent them a cease and desist production of its CBD beers. Why? CBD isn't on a list of approved non-standard beer ingredients. What the what?

Hydropothecary launches HEXO
Hydropothecary this week introduced HEXO, a new brand for the recreational adult-use cannabis market. They'll continue to use its existing Hydropothecary brand for the medical cannabis market. Interesting take: two separate brands for each. Smart move.

Interesting factoid
In 2017, sales of medical and recreational cannabis in the U.S. were nearly nine times higher than Oreo cookies, which puts cannabis almost on par with America's collective spending on Netflix subscriptions. That's just one of three insightful stats shared by MJBiZDaily.

Understanding potency testing
The purpose of potency testing is to "demonstrate compliance, accurately label products and ultimately obtain a certificate of authenticity from an accredited third-party lab." That's according to Alexander Makowski, chief scientist at Sage Analytics (and our awesome client who was featured in Cannabis Business Times recently).