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Merger mania
Add four more big companies to the merger game (it's getting hard to keep track). Baker Technologies, Briteside, Sea Hunter, and Sante Veritas Holdings, have announced a merger to produce the "first fully integrated, multi-national cannabis company focusing on delivering a broad array of industry solutions." They're calling themselves TILT.

Cannabis chains
No, not the shackled kind, but franchises. This piecelooks at one company that's hoping to set up a franchise of shops throughout Oregon. Locals might not be stoked (since much of the money is coming from out of state) but buyers might be. One thing you can say about franchise shops? They're consistent.

Canada, cannabis and beer
Canada's beer industry is "expressing concern that the recreational marijuana market is going to cut into its profits, and it wants the government to raise the proposed tax to level the playing field."

California's cannabis sales in Q1?
The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) has released revenue numbers for cannabis sales in the first quarter of 2018: $60.9 million since January 1, 2018. Shwing.

Zine envy
We do a lot of poking around the internet to bring you the freshest news each week. And, as part of that, we read a lot of slick magazines, digital pubs, blogs, local paper zines, you name it. We're stoked at all of the great reporting on the industry happening right now. 

Each week we'll bring you a favorite. This week? Herb.Started out as The Stoner's Cookbook, re-branded as Herb they not only cover cannabis (news, politics, lifestyles) but in their own words: "We are not the couch-locked stoner caricature sketched by politicians with a hidden agenda and a lack of imagination."