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Higher Ground featured in Reason magazine
Cannabis-based companies have to navigate complex state-by-state regulations in order reach customers. Despite growing popularity and market value, it's difficult to advertise for cannabis companies. Read Robert O'Shaughnessy's thoughts on how you can navigate advertising hurdles (and if you want to learn more, let's talk).

Is too much cannabis a bad thing?
It might be great news for consumers, but not so much for growers. This article explores how some farmers have grown three times what the market can ingest, causing bud prices to plummet and some real worry in the community.

The 'Apple store' dispensary
Sure, many dispensaries still have unwelcoming, dim lights and plywood aesthetics, but many have taken it to the next level, with "clean lines, shining floors, and minimalist setup." One company profiled in the piece uses six color-coded cannabis-based formulas, which are designed to promote "wellness," "harmony," "awake," "calm," and  "sleep." And we think that's rad.

Need a gig?
There are an estimated 125,000 to 160,000 people working in the cannabis industry right now and budtenders could be the biggest in-demand position in the growing cannabis industry. Read why.