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Pain in the ad
Placing ads for popular cannabis brands is still a huge hassle. And that mega-huge social media site we won't mention by name? Dream on. Here's how brands are working around this. (If you need help navigating, hit us up.)

Getting energized
Indoor cannabis farms are gobbling up megawatts of electricity. The energy requirements are massive. However, this might lead to a more thoughtful approach to growing, with cannabis growers leading the way to saving energy.

En masse in Massachusetts
Massachusetts companies that want to "operate retail marijuana stores in Massachusetts submitted a whopping 218 applications on the first day businesses could apply for recreational MJ business permits." 

And that's just for a place in line for licensing.

Watch us at NECANN
Speaking of Massachusetts, last month we spoke at NECANN in Boston. In case you missed our presentations, we shot some video. Check them out here. 

2018 Oscar swag bags: more magic
You're familiar with the swag bag at the Oscars, right? Performers and presenters get a bag every year with some super fun stuff. This year, cannabis played a role (and by "role" we mean bags full of product) thanks to cannabis swag bags.

Headline of the week
The Bumpy Road to Becoming the Martha Stewart of Cannabis

Hopefully it doesn't involve jail time.