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The average cannabis user is...
Civilized recently teamed up with PSB Research to conduct a poll of over 1,000 Americans to get their thoughts and feelings about marijuana (and a clearer picture about who uses cannabis). Drum roll: "essentially the average American marijuana user is a white man in his 30's with no children living near or in a major city and a middle-class job and did not vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 election." Alrighty then.

LEED for weed?
Amanda Chicago Lewis from Rolling Stone is one of our favorite writers reporting on cannabis right now. This piece looks at the massive energy amounts large-scale growers are using. The solution might be a similar program to the popular LEED program to provide a similar point system for growers to lessen their impact by using energy-saving tactics like LED lights.

Mandatory pesticide testing in Washington?
Washington state marijuana business owners are "urging regulators to require cultivators to test adult-use crops for pesticides. "Some cultivators," according to the article, "hope such a move, already adopted in other states, would inspire confidence among consumers and bolster recreational marijuana sales."The downside? Small growers worry they won't be able to afford the testing.

First-Ever National Advertising Rules
The National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB), the first and only self-regulatory organization (SRO) for U.S. licensed cannabis businesses, has published for comment the NACB Advertising National Standard. The Standard is designed to help NACB members protect consumers and demonstrate to regulators, financial institutions and the public that NACB members operate at the highest levels of ethics and responsibility. 

Clients in the news
Zack Ruskin did a bang-up job (another writer covering some deep cannabis topics these days) reporting on the challenges of California's higher prices, long-time dispensary customers walking away, and maybe a possible solution. In the piece, Berkeley Patients Group COO Sean Luse explains the hurdles-and the opportunities.

Headline of the Week

This architect used to work for Disney. Now, he designs cannabis retail stores.

We're struggling to find a Mickey Mouse cannabis joke here. Read the piece anyway, it's fascinating.