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Boehner evolves
No doubt you've heard about John Boehner and his newly improved opinion on cannabis. But just in case, he casually mentioned on Twitter that his "thinking on cannabis has evolved" (and he's looking to get into business). 

Has he come to regret any role he had in his years with that big R next to his name including the role of his party in the history of mass incarceration for possession of this plant? Was there a particular strain passed among friends that caused him to see the light, and, if so, can we get some? 

Our take: de-stigmatization is a good thing, so this is a good thing. Plus maybe he can put in a good word with his buddies at DOJ to leave us alone.

The kids are alright
A high school sophomore recently won the local science fair for research on the relationship between cannabis and cancer. For the project, they examined the "effects of cannabinoids on squamous cell carcinoma, the second most prominent form of skin cancer, often spurred by excess UV exposure and tanning beds." Nice work. Our last science fair years ago involved a lame volcano that fizzled out.

Hops and cannabis
We're fans of botany. We love hops. We love cannabis. That said, the cannabis beer scene (yeah, that's a thing) is growing quickly. One example: a new company, CERIA, plans to brew cannabis-infused beers that are "very different to the ones that have entered the market so far." Intriguing.

Canada, Coffee, Cannabis
The Second Cup, a huge Canadian coffee chain says it plans to "open a network of recreational cannabis dispensaries, starting in Western Canada and then potentially moving east to other provinces where the drug is expected to soon be legal." Whoa.

Headline of the week
Cannabis museum to open in July in downtown Las Vegas

And it's going to feature a 360-degree theater.