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Wedding bells and buds
We wonder if we're living in the golden age of cannabis? Will we look back at the cusp of the '20s and think, "remember when all of this amazing and fabulous stuff went down?" Like? Like cannabis weddings!

Not so fast
Remember the blurb we ran last week that mentioned the dude running for congress (with a joint in his hand in his ads)? The former FBI guy? Not quite. According to the FBI, he was never in the FBI (though he did have a "support role.") If you're going to fabricate something, at least do it with an organization that doesn't check this kind of stuff for a living.

Dissolvable cannabinoid powder
It's flavorless, odorless, and with a faster time of onset. Dissolvable cannabinoid powder is "an innovation that has the potential to change the edibles landscape from here on out. But what exactly are dissolvable cannabinoids, how are they made, and what value can they offer?" Read more here.

Not your mom's mom
Move over wine moms! There's a new mom on the block, generating a new industry for new products including sprays, drinks, drops, and oils.

Women in cannabis
It's March, meaning it's Women's History Month. Women have made tremendous contributions to the cannabis industry (many times overlooked) and are making an even bigger impact in legal states. This piece looks at the history of women in cannabis. Happy Women's History Month!