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A new day and a new line
The Hemp Excellence is offering a line of beauty products, including "body lotions, lip balms and CBD capsules, aimed at ethnic minorities." The products are available at two beauty shops that cater to women of color in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Hand work
Nail art. You know it. You've seen it. And now comes "tiny canna-inspired designs like pot-leafs and dripping oil to nails that actually contain marijuana leaf bits." Need more proof? Search #weednails on Instagram.

We heart (great) branding
Like? Like Vancouver-based designer Ben Frey, who's worked on packaging for 1964 Supply Co. Leafly sat down with him to talk cannabis and branding.

The faces of cannabis
Miss Grass, an elevated lifestyle shop and publication for women, cannabis and good living, has released a video called the Faces of Cannabis. They interviewed 30 women to understand how they integrate cannabis into their lives. It's an awesome video. Watch it.

Headline of the week
'Cannabis Candidate' calls for legalizing marijuana, joint in hand

He really is holding a smoking joint in his advertisements. Oh, and he's a former FBI agent.