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Lies, damned lies, and statistics
Cannabis has been the victim of a series of lies meant to stigmatize those who use the herb, particularly over the past century. However, as science on the subject moves forward, researchers are proving these ridiculous theories as simply false. Here are five that really stand out.

Design meets cannabis
Meet Say Hi, a "highly edited online marketplace where consumers can find the types of sophisticated, design-minded cannabis products you can't find in the locked glass closet of your local deli." The site is beautifully designed and curated, natch.

Marketing cannabis
This is a solid piece that explores four ways to market your cannabis product or service. Facebook isn't anywhere near the list. (And if you need guidance with your marketing, you can always call us.)

Boston bound
Hey! We are headed to New England for NECANN in a couple of weeks to present two wicked awesome presentations (one on marketing and the other on how we crushed it with PR for a client on New Year's Day). Will you be there? We'd love to meet you. Let's connect!