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It reigned in January
Early January seems so far away, what with the Sessions kerfuffle. So, did it affect sales of cannabis? Not even close. January was the biggest selling month (yet) for legalized cannabis. Shocker: California played a huge role. On January 1st the country's most populous state - and the world's sixth-largest economy - officially launched an entirely new industry within its borders. Bring on February. 

Pack your bags for a trip
Here comes cannabis tours in California. Emerald Farm Tours will allow customers to "reserve spots on a 10-person cannabis club and culture tour of either San Francisco or Berkeley/Oakland." The company is started by our longtime friend (and the guy who launched the Bay Area CMA with me) - you know him, you love him - Victor Pinho ladies and gentlemen. Victor told me, "We're motivated by our love for cannabis, and we are proud to share with you some of the things that make California's cannabis culture remarkably unique." Victor's inspiration? Rick Steves. We are so down with that.

A different kind of powder
Bon Appétit magazine recently launched Healthyish, a site dedicated to simple, healthy recipes. We're huge fans. And, while looking for some sort of Instapot (pun intended) easy, weekday dinner recipe we stumbled across Mondo. Says Healthyish, "one serving of Mondo is nothing like a typical high. It's great for creative energy: bright and peppy." And it comes in a small, attractive glass jar. Cool.

Not using the "M" word
Though it's not our official policy, we've made it a point amongst ourselves to stop using the word "marijuana" when speaking and writing about cannabis. (Don't Google our page, we probably missed a couple. We're trying.) Alex Halperin looks at the history of the word, its racist roots, and if we should still be using it.