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Cannabis post-election round up
Election day and daylight savings time -what a week! Still jonesing for election day cannabis news and results? We put together a handy look at what won and what didn't (we're looking at you North Dakota). Check it out here. 

Coppola unveils new cannabis product
Yes, that Coppola, the Oscar-winning director, is launching a limited collection called the Grower's Series. It includes three cannabis flower strains and comes housed in a mock wine bottle with a glass pipe, rolling papers, and a matchbox to go with a gram of each flower. Higher Ground was stoked to work with him and his team to get some great coverage, like this piece in Esquire.

Dispensaries get design makeoverThis piece looks at how design is helping change people's perceptions of dispensaries and profiles one that offers "clean and minimalist interiors." Please more of this? We're still seeing way too many dispensaries with all the charm of a basement grow room.

Join us at MJBizCon this month
We'll be prowling the showroom floor, meeting new people, and hopefully meeting YOU. Want to grab a beverage and talk marketing or just hang out? Get in touch!