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The hip hood index 
Whole Foods or Trader Joes have always been the barometer for a new neighborhood on the rise. If you were getting a Whole Foods, you made it. (And your rent probably skyrocketed, but that's another story.) The next big thing to bring a neighborhood back from the brink?  An "increasing number of organizations" that work in the cannabis industry.

Will Oregon make cannabis cafes OK?
If a group called The New Revenue Coalition has its way, it might. The group is behind an effort to have the Oregon legislature change the rules so people can have public places to light up, including cafes.

Checking in on Michigan
Michigan's legal adult-use cannabis sales are expected to launch sometime in 2020, but medical cannabis businesses are still struggling to secure state licenses and remain compliant with ever-changing regulations. Add to that, many want to see the medical program succeed before a recreational market takes shape. 

10 cannabis trends for 2019
Missed MJBizCon this year? Leafly has a roundup of top ten takeaways including financing. As in, where the US is getting it. (Hint: CANADA.)