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Viva Mexico and cannabis 
Mexico's Supreme Court this week deemed the country's marijuana prohibition law unconstitutional, bringing America's neighbor one step closer to marijuana legalization. (Our northern neighbors, well, you know...). This is the fifth time the court has deemed this unconstitutional. Once the Supreme Court reaches a similar decision in five separate cases, the standard set by the rulings applies to the country's entire court system. Wow.

Coke and cannabis
Welp, that whole thing turned out to be untrue. Coca-Cola announced last month it was considering the possibility of getting into the cannabis biz.  Now the CEO is saying, nope, no plans now. You listening Pepsi? Or, maybe we should all hail the LaCroix of cannabis?

Headline of the week

John Boehner Wants to Help You Make Millions in Cannabis!As the teens like to say, "cringey."

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