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Yet another article about beer and CBD
We're not complaining, just noting. And, as recreational use is becoming more ubiquitous, breweries, from small to corporations, have been looking for ways to use cannabis or its derivatives in beverages.

Shelf awareness
Across Canada, cannabis packaging includes suggested storing techniques, but currently there is no expiration date printed on cannabis product labels. That's an issue.

Happy Thanksgiving
We're skipping next week's Cannabusiness Curator but here's a post to get you in the mood for Thanksgiving. According to the article, "the most popular way of consuming cannabis this Thanksgiving may just be to cook, baste, bake, batter and grill with the plant." Alrighty then.  

Thoughts on MJBizCon
As MJBizCon wraps up today we wanted to share some thoughts. The show has come a long way since its humble beginnings at the Rio. The attention to detail at so many of the booths, the strong work on building and establishing brands, and the innovation on display is stunning. And the money is here, including rivers of Canadian money. Our industry is changing. It's exciting. We're humbled that we get to work in this space, for all its thrills and frustrations.